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readerOklahoma Chautauqua 2014:
A Crisis of Confidence:
The War That Changed The World

Lawton: June 3-7
Tulsa: June 10-14 @ Tulsa Community College
          Southeast Campus
Enid: June 17-21

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Tulsa Schedule for Performances

Tuesday, June 10
12:00 pm Workshop: Dr. Doug Mishler - Theodore Roosevelt: Reforms, Politics, War and Empire 1908-1918 - All the diverse forces that shaped this most dynamic of presidents come to the forefront in the period leading up to the Great War. We will discuss what drove him, and the basic issues and principles that made him so interesting.
5:30 pm Workshop: Dr. Sally Drucker - "Emma Goldman and Freedom of Speech." - In America, people are currently asking important questions about freedom of speech. What are its limits? Do national security or the internet pose new issues? In this workshop, we'll examine the history of freedom of speech in America, and ask: "What would Emma say"?
6:30 pm: Sisters in Song
7:25 pm: Meet your Chautauqua scholars
7:30 pm: Edith Wharton portrayed by Karen Vuranch

Wednesday, June 11
12:00 pm Workshop:
Karen Vuranch - The Houses and Gardens of Edith Wharton - Edith Wharton was a prolific and respected writer, but she was also passionate about gardens and architecture. In fact, she wrote several books the influenced architectural design, and in every place she lived, Wharton created an oasis in her gardens. The workshop will explore Edith Wharton's gardens and her influence on design.
5:30 pm Workshop:
Dr. John Anderson - Adapting James: Screen, Stage and Page - This workshop will look at selected film and television adaptations of the work of Henry James, as well as recent works of fiction that feature James as a character, with a focus on connections to World War I. Works explored include the 1997 film of The Wings of the Dove (which set the 1902 novel in 1910) and the 2009 BBC TV version of The Turn of the Screw (which set the 1998 novella in 1921 in a hospital for the war wounded). In fiction, David Lodge's 2004 novel Author, Author! (set in 1915 with James on his deathbed), Colm Toibin's 2004 novel The Master, and Cynthia Ozick's 2008 novella Dictation all depict the elderly James as a fictional character.
6:30 pm: John Southern
7:30 pm: Emma Goldman portrayed by Dr. Sally Drucker

Thursday, June 12
12:00 pm Workshop:
Dr. Sally Drucker - "I'm Not a Feminist, But...." - When and how did "feminist" become a dirty word? Why do many women who agree with feminist ideas identify otherwise? In this workshop, we'll look at first, second, and third waves of feminism, as well as "Girrrrrl Power." And we'll ask: "What would Emma say"?
5:30 pm Workshop:
Dr. Paul Vickery - WW l: The Horror of Modern War - WW l saw the death of soldiers on an unprecedented scale. New weapons, such as the machine gun, poison gas, long range artillery, use of airplanes, and barbed wire, coupled with old tactics caused casualties in the tens of thousands in a single battle. French soldiers rebelled rather than become cannon fodder. This workshop, using video and power point, will look at the effects of these new weapons.
6:30 pm: Bob Parker

7:30 pm: Henry James portrayed by Dr. John Anderson

Friday, June 13
12:00 pm Workshop:
Dr. John Anderson - The Worlds of James and Wharton and Downton Abbey - Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes acknowledges that he found the work of Edith Wharton and Henry James instructive for the series. This workshop explores how the BBC television series Downton Abbey reflects elements of the lives and work of Henry James and Edith Wharton. Both authors moved in social circles reminiscent of the series' fictional Crawley family, and both wrote about American heiresses who married into British aristocratic families, uniting American dollars with British titles.
5:30 pm Workshop:
Dr. Doug Mishler - Theodore Roosevelt: Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick - This workshop will discuss the complexity of TR as a man who passionately embraced civil discourse and diplomacy, but also felt sometimes the Big Stick of war was unavoidable. The complexity of the man is clear in that he won both the Medal of Honor and the Nobel Peace Prize - the only man to do so.
6:30 pm: Bob Parker
7:30 pm: Woodrow Wilson portrayed by Dr. Paul Vickery

Saturday, June 14
12:00 pm Workshop:
Dr. Paul Vickery - "He kept us out of War," but now wants us to hate the Germans - Wilson originally wanted the U.S. to be neutral in the Great War. By 1917, however, we declared war. Americans now had to be convinced the Hun was the enemy. This workshop, through video and power point will examine the anti-German propaganda machine in the U.S.
5:30 pm Workshop:
Karen Vuranch - Women of World War I - World War I was a brutal conflict in which many men faced danger and loss of life, but there were women who also braved the dangers of the battlefield. From ambulance drivers to nurses to telegraph operators, women showed bravery in the face of danger during WWI. This workshop will explore the contribution of women during the first great international conflict.
6:30 pm: John Southern
7:30 pm: Teddy Roosevelt portrayed by Dr. Doug Mishler

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